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My 5 simple steps for an easier cake life.

ice cream scoop

Sometimes its seems easy to skip a step or rush a part of your cake order to get it done. Especially when you have lots of orders, time is running out and you have dead lines to meet. But, by following these simple steps, I’m sure your cake life will be easier and your cakes will look much more professional.

Ice Cream Scoop – 

Ice cream scoops are awesome for adding your cake batter into cupcake cases. The size I use for muffin cases is 56mm. Then all your cupcakes will be the same size and it reduces mess. I use this scoop Plus when you are making a lot of cupcakes, this really is time saving.

Prep –

Just spending an extra 5 minutes on prep makes all the difference. Get your tools out, get your ingredients out, soften the paste, make sure your buttercream is made and ready to use, get a system to keep everywhere clean and tidy as you are working. By following these simple rules, getting your cake completed will be a breeze. Not only that, working in a messy area isn’t good for your mindset. You’ll work much better with a more positive mindset. A tidy work area leads to a tidy mind.

Ganache or buttercream? –

Always a tricky one to decide on but in my opinion, ganache all the way! Yes it may take an extra 5 minutes to ganache your cake but you’ll be able to cover your cake in half the time. The cake ends up so much smoother and straighter that it tends to cut down on the time to cover, smooth and level. Just make sure you charge enough for ganaching. If not, stick with brilliant buttercream. Take a look at my Ganache Class and my Buttercream Class

Which Sugarpaste?

So often I hear about people giving up on cakes because they never go right. Yet, something as simple as using the right fondant is life changing! I prefer to use a firm fondant such as Couture as I get less tears and cracks. Its a dream to work with.

Be organised

Even though all my admin work was done on a laptop or iPad, i still found it helpful to print out all my orders and information and store it all together in a folder. It is really handy to have everything all together in 1 place. Also, make sure money is received before you begin the cake. That way if the customer can’t make it to collect the cake, your time hasn’t gone to waste. Be consistent with sending out invoices, email receipts and terms and conditions. It’ll all make your life easier in the long term. Take a look at my Business Organisation Pack

My 5 simple steps for an easier cake life. What are your top tips? What do you find helps you?

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