- Instagram Boot Camp

This is an intensive programme designed to help you on building your instagram account on all aspects.


I’ll be helping you, showing you techniques, hints and tricks to use Instagram stories. I’ll be encouraging you to show you and your personality on your social media. So many business opportunities have come to me because of my presence on social media so I know how important this is. People buy from people so being active on the socials is vital. I’ll be sharing easy ways of encouraging your confidence for instagram stories.


I’ll be sharing a ton of ideas to create IGTV videos and reels.


We’ll be going through hashtags, what they are, why they are important and ideas for what hashtags work best with what cake post.


I’ll also be telling you the ways to get the best engagement to increase your interaction, followers and enquiries.


The course is designed to help you, inspire you and empower you to have the skills and confidence to take your cake business further. 


The course is done via a private facebook group. A live chat will go ahead on Friday 29th January at 6pm.

You can watch anytime after it has been recorded at any time that suits you, over and over again. Plus you'll get a ton of handouts, worksheets and print outs to fill in to help you.


Are you ready to start??

Once you've signed up, log into your account and head to your downloads section. All the next stage info is here.

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