- Cocoa Butter Painting Class

Floral painting on cakes is a trend that will never end. From big blooms to delicate petals, there is a style of painting you'll love. This class covers basic cake painting skills using cocoa butter. 

During the class with me you'll learn...

  • How to prepare paint using cocoa butter and dusts
  • The type paintbrushes you need
  • How to paint a perfectly round wreath
  • Paint a large cabbage rose and 2 small buds
  • Create easy filler flower clusters 
  • How to paint leaves and add depth
  • How to paint lavender and add all the beautiful finishing touches

*** PLEASE READ ****

 The video has been prerecorded in a private facebook group available for you to watch at you own convience when you've purchased the video. The video is saved in the group so you can watch as many times as needed.

The information needed to access the facebook group can be found in your downloads folder after purchase. If its not there, drop me an email with your order number.

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