Christmas Baubles Zoom Class

During this online zoom class, you'll be guided by me to make these gorgeous festive little cakes. The online class will last approximately 2 hours where you'll...

  • Learn to prep perfect sponge spheres.
  • Use buttercream to prepare the cakes.
  • Cover the cakes using sugarpaste and how to smooth them for an immaculate finish.
  • Make bauble decorations
  • Pipe beautiful royal icing decorations.
  • How to securely attach your sphere cakes.
  • Learn tips and tricks to complete your cakes with a flawless finish.

This class will run on a zoom call. It will be held on the above date and time and last approx 2 hours. You'll be emailed the zoom link and a list of items needed for this class within 48 hours of booking this course. TheN you can get prepared and everything ready to make these cakes with me. You'll join in and create them with me over a video chat. I'll be there to help all I can and give you endless hints and tricks to make these gorgeous cakes look perfect. It'll be exactly like my studio class, but in video form. Exciting!! Any questions get in touch



The way it was taught made a daunting task very simple and easy to replicate at home. The class tutor was lovely! Very helpful and informative.