Chocoholics Cupcake Guide

In this online class, you'll receive a PDF guide full of step by step photos, easy to follow instructions and hints and tips to help you bake the perfect chocolate cupcakes. You'll learn the skills to make deliciously decadent chocolate cupcakes every time. This is definitely an online class you'll use again and again.

Whether you’re a first-timer chocolate baker or full of cocoa questions, we can help. 

  • Learn the perfect chocolate cupcake.
  • Perfecting chocolate ganache and its various uses.
  • Learning our perfectly light and fluffy chocolate buttercream.

When you buy this guide, you'll be emailed the info on how to download it directly from our website. To download or view your guide, please log into your account. Once logged in you’ll see a tab marked Downloads. Your file will be there ready for you. Any problems, please email us at  It is downloaded from your downloads section when you log into our website. The PDF guide will then be yours to use whenever and wherever you fancy. The guide includes our recipe for chocolate cupcake, buttercream, chocolate ganache. There are clear written instructions and photos showing you everything you need to know.  if you need any help, please get in touch

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