- 3 Drip Cake Class

This online class is all about learning 3 ways of adding perfect drips on to cakes. You'll learn...

- The ratio for dark chocolate ganache drip and how to make this easily

- The ratio for white chocolate ganache drip and how to make this without it splitting

- How to make white chocolate drips white isntead of the natural yellow colour it has

- How to add colour and what brand is best

- How to make the consistency for royal icing drips

- How to paint royal icing drips to get metaliic drips on a cake

- And of course, how to add the methods of drips onto a cake


*** PLEASE READ ****

 The video has been recorded in a private facebook group for you to watch as many times as needed at your own conveince. Feel free to use this the group to post pics and ask questions, always happy to help.

The information needed to access the facebook group can be found in your downloads folder after purchase. If its not there, drop me an email with your order number.

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