1-2-1 Cake Business Coaching

This is a 4 week programme designed to work personally wth you on building your business, gaining confidence and growing your social media platforms.


Week 1 - 


During the first week I’ll be getting to know you. I’ll be finding out what you want out of your business, your goals and your long term plan. We’ll be working through ideas to gain clarity on what this is.


I’ll be filling you with a positive mindset ready to move forward and expand your ideas.


We’ll also be looking at your business branding. Deciding if this is a good reflection of you and your company. If not, we’ll brainstorm to get your branding spot on. And also discussing why this is so important.


Week 2 - 


How active are you on social media? This week is looking into detail on your social media. Your insights, your audience, you ideal customers and how you can target them. I’ll be encouraging you to show you and your personality on your social media. So many business opportunities have come to me because of my presence on social media so I know how important this is. People buy from people so being active on the socials is vital. I’ll be sharing easy ways of encouraging your confidence for instagram stories, live chats and demos.




Week 3 - 


Hows your pricing? Do you make enough money? Using your positive mindset and your business confidence, you’ll be getting your pricing right to actually take a wage. You’ll realise your worth and believe that you can do it! We’ll be reviewing your current pricing and finding room for improvement if needed. You'll be enocuraged to work through a full pricing structure to ensure everything is accounted for.



Week 4 -


What is holding you back? You need to know how you can move your business forward, how can you attract new customers, how you keep up with social media, how to keep new ideas flowing, keep the existing customers interested and how you can grow your business to reach your goals. This final week is brainstorming and plan setting.


Also - 


During the 4 weeks there will be either weekly zoom chats either with a small group of other coaching students or 1 on 1 video calls to help you personally. 


I’ll also be asking for your mobile number so I can text you, keep you going and send you voice notes to keep your motivation high. (There are options to opt out of this once you've signed up if you prefer)


 The course is designed to help you, inspire you and empower you to have the skills and confidence to take your cake business further.


It begins on Monday 1st February 2021 for 4 weeks. You will be required to work from home, setting aside just a few hours each week to work on the course.






‘Your life does not get better by chance. 

It gets better by change.’


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