Royal Icing Cookies Class

Royal Icing cookies is a must have skill when it comes to creating personalised gifts, wedding cake tables or just for you to eat with a cup of tea. We've created this class to show you how to create your own set of beautiful royal iced cookies. During this class you'll learn..

- How to achieve the right consistencies for piping

- How to successfully flood your cookies and adding detail.

- How to outline your cookies

- Piping lines, dots, hearts, flowers, roses, leaves and letters.

You'll be working on cookies that we've already baked for you. You'll recieve full notes of the class including the cookie recipe. During the day you'll decorate 8 - 12 cookies. We provide everything for you. Just bring along an apron so you don't get too mucky. 

I just cannot believe how amazing the cake I made in class looked. It is absolutely beautiful. I couldn't believe that it was my cake.

Elaine, London