ONLINE Flowers Class

During this ONLINE class you'll learn some amazing techniques to wow all your cakes.

You'll learn how to work with florist paste, how to add colour, depth and texture

You'll learn how to make a

- David Austn Rose

- Ranunculus

- Beautiful fluffy peony

- Wired Magnolias

You'll also learn how to securely add them to a cake

*** PLEASE READ ****

This is an ONLINE class. All the techniqies learnt are provided for on a PDF file. As well as this you'll be part of a private facebook group and there will be bonus live video chats showing you all the techniques and I'll be on hand to give you all the help you need on all the methods.

The live chat will be taking place on Tuesday 14th April. This is online, NOT a studio class. You will not be required to come to the studio (please ignore any automatic email sent from  the website on booking). The time stated above is the time of the demo in the facebook group. You can watch the class at any time to suit you after its been recorded in the chat. You can view any time to suit you and watch as many times as needed.

The notes and all the info on the PDF will be emailed to you on the morning of the class. If you'd like this list before so you can create the cake along with me, just drop me an email with your order number once you've purchased the class. All the info on the facebook group to join will be emailed to you the week before

During the cupcake class everything was well explained, questioned answered and lots of different techniques were shown to us.

Bhavna, Tipton